DxTube: DxTube-cfDNA

DxTUBE is a blood collection tube that stabilize nucleated blood cells and inhibit release of genomic DNA to allow collection of high-quality cell-free DNA (cfDNA). DxTUBE provides prolonged preservation of cfDNA, convenient storage at room temperature, and long shelf life.


Increased preservation of cfDNA through DxTUBE minimizes variability of downstream sample preparation by providing high quality extraction of cfDNA.


Extracted cfDNA are suitable for various downstream application including research, clinical applications, drug development, and diagnostic assays.


DxTUBE uses its own unique stabilization reagents that increases stability of cfDNA, allowing convenient storage and transportation of cfDNA at room temperature for up to 7 days


Blood Volume 9 mL
Stability 7 Days at room temperature
Shelf Life 1 year from manufacture