Q-BOMB (Quantitation with Blocking Oligonucleotide and Molecular Barcoding)

Q-Bomb utilizes blocking oligonucleotide, which inhibits amplification of normal DNA strands, to increase the detection rate of minute amount of DNA strands with mutations.

Q-Bomb supplements molecular barcoding, allowing it to exactly measure DNA strands with mutations.

CASAL (Chimerism Assay with SNPs Adjacent and in Linkage-disequlibirum)

CASAL utilize two single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) located nearby each other to reduce errors from NGS sequencing and increase accuracy of the results.

CASAL is expected to be effective for prognosis of organ transplant rejections and noninvasive prenatal test (NIPT)


Microbiome is a collection of all microorganisms existing in specialized conditions. Microbiome is shown to have an impact on health and disease and is also called the “second genome.”

Research has shown that 90% of diseases are influenced by microorganisms located within the intestines. Using NGS analysis, the distribution of microorganisms within the intestines can be determined, enabling the diagnosis and prognosis of certain diseases.