DxSeq: NGS Series



NGS Product

  • All-in-One
  • Minimization library prep. steps
  • Hybridization method
  • High quality capture probes
  • High efficiency and reproducibility
  • Cost-effective


  • Cloud-based analysis system
  • User-friendly interface
  • Gene and chromosomal CNVs analyzed
  • ACMG guideline automatically applied
  • Visualized QC report
  • Customized comprehensive report


NGS Product Bioinformatics
Input DNA 100 - 1,000 ng Platform Illumina (Paired-end)
Index Type TruSeq HT Input FASTAQ files
Platform Illumina Output BAM file, QC file
Excel Annotation/Interpretation file
Gene and Chromosomal CNV file
Read Size 2 x 150 bp (Paired-end)
On-Target Ratio > 70% (Average)
TAT 2 day (Library Prep. + Target Capture)

Product List

A. Hereditary Disorder Panel

Cat. No Products Reactions
A1A01096 Lymphoid Leukemia (ALL) Disorder Panel 96
A1A02096 Lymphoma Panel 96
A1A03096 Myeloid Neoplasm Panel 96
A1A04096 Myeloma Panel 96
A1A05096 Anemia, Cytopenia, and Immune Deficiency Disorder Panel 96
A1A06096 Aorta Disorder Panel 96
A1A07096 Autism Spectrum Disorder Panel 96
A1A08096 BRCA1/2 Panel 96
A1A09096 Coagulation Disorder Panel 96
A1A10096 Endocrine Disorder Panel 96
A1A11096 Early Onset Epilepsy Panel 96
A1A12096 Eye Disorder Panel 96
A1A13096 Hearing Loss Panel 96
A1A14096 Heart (Cardio) Disorder Panel 96
A1A15096 Hereditary Cancer Panel 96
A1A16096 Leukodystrophy Panel 96
A1A17096 Malformation of Cortical Development Panel 96
A1A18096 Metabolic Disorder Panel 96
A1A19096 Mitochondria Disorder Panel 96
A1A20096 Muscular Disorder Panel 96
A1A21096 Neurodevelopment Disorder Panel 96
A1A22096 Neuropathy Panel 96
A1A23096 Retina Disorder Panel 96
A1A24096 Skeletal Disorder Panel 96
A1A25096 Skin Disorder Panel 96
A1A26096 Dementia and Parkinson Panel 96
A1A27096 Liver, Pancreas and IBD Panel 96

B. Health Screening Panel

Cat. No Products Reactions
A1A28096 Dementia Panel 96
A1A29096 Hereditary Cancer Checkup Panel 96
A1A30096 Heart Checkup Panel 96
A1A31096 Comprehensive Checkup Panel 96